In May, Conservation Society members and visitors enjoyed a very engaging and informative talk by Matthew Slocombe, the Director of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

SPAB was founded in 1877 by William Morris.  Matthew talked about the principles and work of the SPAB and illustrated his talk with both national and local examples of casework.

WCS is taking corporate membership of SPAB for one year which will allow our members to participate in their regional visits to very interesting sites and projects, often not usually accessible by the public.  We will also receive the very interesting quarterly magazine which WCS members can borrow.

The WCS committee have also started a small building conservation library. Feel free to borrow any, or suggest additions.
So far we have purchased the following SPAB publications:

Repointing stone and brick walling
The control of damp in old buildings
Panel in-fillings to timber-framed buildings
Care and repair of old floors
Basic lime wash
The need for old buildings to breathe
Removing paint from old buildings
An introduction to building limes
Patching old floorboards
How to make beeswax polish

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