Court Hall Museum

phone:  01797 226642

Museum Opening 2024
The Museum is open from Friday 29th March until Sunday 27th October
11.30am to 3.30pm
Not open on Mondays

Admission Charge
Adults £3 (accompanied children free)
Cash or contactless payment


The Court Hall Museum contains displays and exhibits that illustrate the history of the ‘Ancient Town of Winchelsea’.

The museum is housed in a single large room on the first floor of the Court Hall in the High Street. It is one of the oldest buildings in the town.

Exhibits include maps, models, pictures, local pottery and items relating to daily life in the town and its surrounding area.

Wall Panels list Mayors from 1295 to the present day

A list of all the mayors

One of our most noteworthy features is the list of Mayors of Winchelsea shown on a series of oak boards. This list, far fuller than that of most towns, is complete from 1430, and is partially complete from 1295 when Mayors first replaced the King’s Bailiffs. The boards are a matter of great pride to the Museum and were presented to the town by G M Freeman.   It was here in the Upper Court Hall from 1665 to 2019 that new Mayors were elected every Easter Monday and took their seat beneath the great roll of their predecessors. The Mayoring Ceremony now takes place in Winchelsea Church.


The Museum is located on the first level of the Court Hall and access is via steps. Unfortunately, this would prohibit access to those in wheelchairs, as there is no other entry to the Museum.

Group and School Visits

We welcome group visits of all kinds. For schools we are able to accommodate small groups of up to 15 with an appropriate helper/ child ratio.

The Museum Shop

A wide range of goods is displayed in the museum shop – books, maps of the town and locality, and a wide range of special souvenirs to attract both young and old.