Spring Steps lead off Mill Rd at its junction with Barrack Square and down to  Queen Elizabeth’s Well, named in honour of her visit in 1573 when she described Winchelsea as “Little London”

The Well is reached along the narrow path and down the steps, which also give access to the road at the foot of the cliff. This is one of the six open wells from which the townsfolk drew their water. The others being Pipe Well, Friars Well, St. Katherine’s Well, New Well and Vale or St. Leonard’s Well.

St Leonard’s Well is at the foot of the cliff on the north west side of the town in boggy ground.

It is said that whoever drinks the water of this well “shall never leave Winchelsea, that is, wherever he roams his heart is still there”.

Be warned!  Nowadays the steps are uneven and slippery with a hazardous road crossing at the bottom.