Here’s the Winchelsea Second Wednesday Society Programme for 2017

Meetings take place in the New Hall starting at 2.30pm.

11th January:  Howard Norton
Armenia – First Christian Kingdom

8th February:  Robert Holland
Rio Carnival

8th March:  Ian Currie
Weird Weather

12th April:  David Wright
Kipling at Batemans

10th May:  Imogen Corrigan
Put Out That Light

14th June:  Pam & Melvin Smith
Old Rural Days

12th July:  Andrew Ashton

13th September:  Malcolm Pratt
Medieval Winchelsea

11th October:  John Guyatt
Russian Revolution: 100 Years

8th Nov:  Nick Price
Sussex Piers

13th December
Christmas Tableau

Subscription: £10 per annum
Non-members: £4 Talk and tea: Tea (members) £1 per meeting

For more information contact
Richard or Cynthia Feast 01797 222629