A meeting of over 60 Winchelsea residents held in late July 2021 decided on the formation of a Residents’ Association.

A big thankyou to the 100+ residents who showed an interest in signing up online in support of a Residents’ Association for Winchelsea, and thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the event in Winchelsea New Hall on Thursday 22nd July.

The purpose of the meeting was to see if the formation of a Residents’ Association was the way to go. We were left in little doubt that is was.
The next priorities are to establish the association, agree a constitution, form a committee and canvas opinions from the residents as to their priorities and interests.

Anyone who would like to stand for the committee, engage in the function of the association, help out with the setup of social media, etc., please make yourself known by emailing us at info@winchelseaRA.com.

Keep a look out for the new website winchelseaRA.com – it will be up and running soon. Thanks again. The success and future of the Residents’ Association lies with you.