The first AGM of Winchelsea Residents’ Association will be held in the New Hall at 11.30am on Saturday 6th November 2021

Winchelsea Residents’ Association’s first AGM will be held on Saturday 6th November at 11.30am at the New Hall.  We will be mindful of Covid precautions.

Over the last few months a group of residents has drafted the Constitution, formed an initial committee, created an email address and the domain for a website, opened a bank account and begun consultation with residents about what issues they are most interested in.  Over 140 residents have joined as initial members.

The meeting will take the vital next step in formally establishing the WRA, We will consider the administration and governance of the new association, including the draft constitution and the formation of the management committee.

We will then consider how we can begin to get on with our central aim which is to establish and pursue the issues of most interest and concern to residents of Winchelsea.  This will include reports on some of the issues which are currently of active concern

If you have any comments prior to the meeting please send them to