Winchelsea Residents’ Association is holding an open meeting at the New Hall on Saturday 15th April 2023,  11am to 12.30pm. 

High Street Winchelsea

Winchelsea Residents’ Association is holding an open meeting at the New Hall on Saturday 15th April,  11am to 12.30pm.  All members are welcome.  It will be an opportunity to catch up on local traffic issues, how we are helping to improve our local environment and hopefully entertaining you with regular social events.  Questions and comments on what we do and ideas for the coming year will be very welcome. We look forward to seeing you there.

Traffic Calming

Since our last update, there have been two significant meetings. The first was held on 7th March, with National Highways, Cllr Glazier (Leader of East Sussex County Council), East Sussex Highways, IPC and GTA consultants. The Parish Council did not invite the Residents Association and we rely on a note of the meeting.

The meeting intended to decide a traffic calming option acceptable to both national agencies and local councils. National Highways stated it would not agree to any new measure without a comprehensive upgrade of the A259 / Strand Hill junction.  This would be complex and expensive. with no agency willing to pay for it. This means that the residents’  preferred option of no left turn / no right turn, despite requiring only a very modest kerb extension, will not be agreed by National Highways.

However, the meeting did agree that an option that did not require physical changes at the junction could be acceptable. Closure and a one way arrangement were discussed as possible suitable options. It was made clear that ESCC would expect to see 80% + residents in support of a preferred option.

This discussion was reported to the Parish Council meeting on 13th March. Cllr Glazier from ESCC also attended.

IPC proposed that residents are consulted on two options: one way and closure.  Residents Association representatives gave their strong support for a consultation on closure of Strand Hill but queried why one way would be included.

It has been consulted on twice, rejected each time, receiving only four votes. It requires build outs, signage and street marking with no funding to pay for it and most of the current traffic will continue to drive through the town.

At the meeting, Cllr Glazier was asked directly by the Residents’ Association to state his view on a feasible option. His clear view is there is only one viable option – closure of Strand Hill.  The Residents’ Association is now pressing the Parish Council to agree a consultation on closure of Strand Hill as soon as possible.  We will update members at the WRA open meeting 15th April.