Charles Moore, Lord Moore of Etchingham, will be the speaker at Winchelsea Literary Society on Friday 24th March 2023

Charles Moore

Charles Moore has had a long and  distinguished career as a journalist, editor and political biographer.  He edited The Daily Telegraph for some years, and also The Spectator, for both of which he still writes weekly columns on multiple matters: social, political, ethical, general but always forthright, witty and humane.

He is the author of a three-volume biography of Margaret Thatcher, by whom he was trusted implicitly, on the understanding that nothing would be published in her lifetime, a promise which he kept.

We await his talk, the topic of which he is not yet revealing, so it is  An Evening with Charles Moore, which we eagerly await.

This meeting will take place at St Thomas’s Church, Winchelsea at 7pm for 7.30 on Friday 24th March 2023.  Admission is £5 for visitors and guests, free for members.