Many residents think that it is worth forming a new Residents’ Association for Winchelsea.   The issues which an association could respond to include traffic calming, motorcycle noise, recycling points, public toilets, and other local services.


We believe that much more could be done to make this an even better place to live and to represent the interests of residents in partnership with the parish, district, and county councils and with other public bodies, organisations, and societies.

Membership of the association would be open to all residents within the town boundary.  The association would be established with a suitable constitution and organisational status for its initial phase which could then be developed over time with the full involvement of members.

To become a member please email or drop the tear-off form into the collection box in the Winchelsea Farm Kitchen from the flyer due to be circulated.

A public meeting will be held in due course – venue and date to be advised.

Brian Leonard, Jane Taylor, John Clarke, Richard Plumb, Laurie Rutman, Cathy Owens, Paul Veys, Sarah Andrews and others.