On Easter Monday 2020 David Page took the oath as Mayor of Winchelsea for the coming year.

David Page sworn in as Mayor

On a blustery morning in the garden of Winchelsea Court Hall the mayoralty passed from John Rodley to David Page.  Richard Feast leaned out of his gable window next door to make sure there was a photo to record the event.

The mayor making has taken place each Easter Monday since time out of mind and traditionally it has taken place in the Upper Court Hall. The plan was that, from 2020, the bulk of the ceremony should be transferred to Winchelsea Church so that as many people as wanted to attend could do so.  Then came coronavirus and things turned out differently.

Nonetheless, David was able to take the oath as Mayor of Winchelsea for the coming year, and as Speaker of the Cinque Ports for the remaining weeks of Winchelsea’s tenure until that office passes to Rye in late May.  David Merrifield becomes Deputy Mayor.

Two new Honorary Freemen were named: Neil Clephane-Cameron, the Town Chamberlain, in recognition of the service he has given over the past twenty-five years; and Cllr Peter Turner, Chair of Icklesham Parish Council who has done so much over a long period to help the Corporation carry out its responsibilities.

Four new Freemen will join the Corporation this year:  Stephen King, Rosemarie Roberts, Jo Turner and Deborah Upton.  They will take their place at Corporation meetings alongside the town jurats:  Tony Moore, Mike Melvin, John Spencer, John Rodley, Robert Holland, David Merrifield, Carol Scoines, Berni Scott and Peter Cosstick.

You will find more information on Winchelsea Corporation here.

David Page and John Rodley