A project has begun to create three circular wild flower meadows in Winchelsea churchyard.

Winchelsea Churchyard

We have now completed all our tasks for Autumn and each circle will be known affectionately as Tom, Dick or Harriet and the small area near the ruins is Margot!  This helps us to keep tabs on what is happening and being planted in each area.

And look at this marvellous photo taken from a drone by @ClearAirFlying of Winchelsea showing the circles so markedly. It’s fantastic to get another perspective on what we are doing!

During October Tom (on the north side of the church next to the High Street), has been sown with a mix of grasses and blue themed meadow flowers and bulbs including Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armenicum), and Allium sphareocephalon.

Dick (with the gravestone in the centre), has a white meadow mix plus Crocus Snowbunting and wild carrot (Daucus carota).

Harriet (nearest to German St.) has a yellow and white theme of meadow mix plus Birdsfoot Trefoil and Snake’s Head Fritillary.

We have been visited by the Sussex Wildlife Trust, who spent nearly a whole day here. They were very positive and supportive about what we are doing. The mycologist on the team found some quite rare fungi in some areas of the churchyard.

Do have a look at what is happening on the soil surface when you pass by as there is already some germination.

To come: information boards.