Winchelsea Archaeological Society has four talks planned for Spring 2019

The Society’s programme of talks commences on Wednesday 20th March, 2.30pm at Winchelsea New Hall with a talk on place names derived from the Saxon language. Original names from the Dark and Early Middle Ages can be surprisingly persistent, but corrupted over time, and interpreting backward from the present can often reveal the circumstances of foundation and assist in archaeological investigations.

We follow this with a talk on Saturday 27th April, 2.30pm at the New Hall, to be given by Professor David Sear of Southampton University. Professor Sear has researched extensively the fate of medieval Dunwich, a town of substance that suffered the same fate as Old Winchelsea in the storms of 1287 and the comparison should make for a most interesting talk.

On Tuesday 21st May, 2.30pm at the Court Hall, Luke Barber will give the talk, postponed from last year, on what archaeology has uncovered from some of the battlefield and other sites connected with the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Again at the Court Hall, on Thursday 20th June at 2.30pm, a talk on the Franciscan Order will be given by Father Matthew of St Anthony’s Church, Rye; himself a member of the Order. The Franciscans were well established in Old Winchelsea and relocated their monastery to Iham hill prior to the foundation of New Winchelsea which in its building abutted the monastery precinct. There must have been considerable interaction between the monks and the townspeople in medieval times and it is hoped that Father Matthew’s talk will include discussion as to such secular relations.

Society members are offered free admission to all talks and non-members are welcome for an admission fee of £3.