Winchelsea Archaeological Society have three talks lined up for the autumn of 2019.

Blackfriars Barn Cellar Winchelsea

Thursday 3rd October 2019
2.30pm at the Court Hall Winchelsea.

Architect and Archaeologist Stephen Gray
What did the Old Clergy House at Alfriston really look like?
Comparison with other pre and post-reformation priest houses challenges the present presentation of the house as a plain and humble cottage for a priest living modestly. That mind-set reflected how the early restorations by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the National Trust were carried out. From his recent researches Stephen concludes differently. The National Trust have invited him to publish his findings and we are privileged to have the opportunity to be among the first to hear this new evaluation of the Trust’s founding property.

Wednesday 6th November 2019
2.30pm at the New Hall, Winchelsea.

Nathalie Cohen, National Trust Archaeologist London and South East, will give
A résumé of the recently completed restorations at Knole
This, the largest conservation project yet taken on by the Trust, has resolved the dilapidations from which the property, acquired in 1946, has suffered over decades of neglect. It has secured also the future of hundreds historic artefacts and has created a Conservation Centre where restoration work can be observed by visitors.

Wednesday 4th December 2019
2.30pm at the Court Hall, Winchelsea.

Noel Varley of Rye U3A, will be speaking on
The Career of Marshal Vauban – Constructional Engineer of Louis XIV
Vauban, a pioneering military engineer and tactician of the late 17th Century also extended his skills in to the field of civil engineering. Some of his principles were being applied still in the 20th Century and his name and achievements deserve to be better known. This should prove to be a most interesting talk and an opportunity to learn something of the life of a remarkable man.

Talks are free to Society members and non-members are welcome at an admission charge of £3.

For enquiries please e-mail or phone 01797 225021