So far the following items have been completed by the New Hall Management Committee in 2016/17/18/19 with help from Grants, sponsors, supporters and the New Hall’s own funds.

  1. New sound system with hearing loop for use with hearing aids.
  2. New hot water tea urn.
  3. A new notice board.
  4. Electric projector screen fixed.
  5. Pre-set temperature control being set each week, so the hall is heated two hours prior to usage.
  6. Renewed lighting to table store.
  7. Heavy duty lift handles added to the rear stage trap doors to allow access to storage.
  8. Clearing and cleaning of cloakroom and kitchen.
  9. New teapots and trays.
  10. Grab rails added to two toilets – one each in Ladies and Gents.
  11. The kitchen window facing the cricket field can now be opened.
  12. New low wattage ceiling lights in main hall to stop a shadow being cast and reduce electricity used.
  13. Health and Safety risk assessment made with some things put into place immediately: safety rubber cable cover, safety hazard tape at fire escape exits and new fire action signs.
  14. Wall light added.
  15. A cupboard has been removed from behind the entrance door to the ladies toilet, to help make it wheelchair accessible.
  16. Signage for designated disabled parking space, for when the hall is in use.
  17. Removal of smaller stage table.
  18. Removal of old curtains in kitchen and cloakroom.
  19. Bin area improvement.
  20. Repair of some card tables.
  21. Removal of unused music organ from back of stage.
  22. Professional stage light bulb replaced.
  23. New lighting in the main hall on a dimmer switch
  24. Repair of emergency doors
  25. New front door
  26. New fencing
  27. Repairs understage
  28. Repair to guttering
  29. Relocation of heating pipes which are by the emergency exit doors
  30. Defibrillator (supported by Icklesham PC)
  31. Make the disabled ramp flush with the door
  32. Large fridge
  33. Grab rails along stairs up to the stage
  34. New curtains
  35. Refurbishment of shield above stage
  36. Protect lighting control in the table store
  37. Stage curtain lining and pelmet repaired
  38. New heating system
  39. Repaired stairs and landings to the stage
  40. New fire escape door
  41. New professional kitchen
  42. New wheelchair accessible ramp onto the deck
  43. A digital projector
  44. A storage cupboard for the electric stage piano
  45. New knockabout badminton and table tennis facilities.