Cynthia Feast writes: As many of you will know, my period of office as Mayor comes to an end on 2nd April and my final duty will be to preside over the Mayoring event in the Court Hall on that day. I just wanted to take this opportunity of publicly thanking everyone in the Town for their friendship and support throughout the year.

Cynthia and Richard Feast

It has been a great privilege for me not only to hold the office of Mayor, but also to have become so much more involved with, and aware of, all the good things that go on in the Town, thanks to the dedication and commitment of so many people. Richard and I have been grateful for all the invitations we have received to attend events in the Town and I think we have managed to attend almost all of them. It would be quite impossible and wrong to try to pick out highlights; it has all been great fun.

Away from the Town, it has been an honour to keep Winchelsea’s flag flying at events in the other Cinque Ports and towns that are part of the Cinque Ports Confederation. We are looking forward to having a little more time for the garden, but will miss the excitement of office as well.

John Rodley, my deputy for the past year, has been selected to hold the office of Mayor next and I wish him every enjoyment of it, but again, my thanks to all of you.