News of the redecoration of the Museum and prospects for the 2021 Mayoring ceremony

Winchelsea Museum ready for redecoration

Winchelsea Museum is gradually coming back into order again after the re-decoration of the Upper Court Hall – seen here stacked and sheeted at an earlier stage of the work.  There’s been no shortage of dust to deal with and the wall displays all need to go back, including the boards that list past mayors.

Curator Jo Turner has been drawing up a rota of volunteers in the hope of a re-opening at some point for the new season.  She has also succeeded in securing an Arts Council ‘Ready to Reopen’ grant which is available to help equip museums to operate safely while Covid 19 is still around.  If possible, a contactless payment system will be set up.

The hopes the Corporation had of hosting a Mayoring ceremony open to all were dashed last Easter Monday and will be dashed again this year.  None of the community buildings we might use will be allowed to host any events before mid-April at the earliest.  A Zoom mayoring would certainly break new ground for this ancient body, but not quite in the way we want!   The 9th March Corporation meeting will decide.