Winchelsea Conservation Society held it’s Annual Meeting on 18th May.

Chairing the AGM of Winchelsea Conservation Society, John Spencer emphasised the aim of the society to tackle conservation issues in a gentle and non-confrontational way that includes people. He hoped for a useful interface between the society, WAS, Icklesham Parish Council, the National Trust and also Rye Conservation Society which has access to resources that Winchelsea might find helpful.

He outlined plans to talk with the National Trust about the management of the trees in Rookery Field, Strand Hill and St Giles’ Close. There are issues about loss of views and also about possible damage to the ruins of the town walls on top of which some of the trees are growing.

Cllr David Smedley talked about the planning consents for building four houses at Greyfriars Platt in Friars Road and gave the news that the County Council have agreed that action must be taken to calm traffic through the town. They are actively working on a plan and residents will be invited to a consultation meeting in the summer to discuss its suitability.

The committee elected for the year is John Spencer, Judith Payne, David Merrifield, Sandra Mackenzie Smith and Barrie Sutherland.