Grand Christmas Raffle 2020

In aid of Winchelsea New Hall

and Rye Foodbank

Over 30 Exciting Prizes 

To be drawn by the Mayor

on 8 December.

Tickets £1 each from

Winchelsea Farm Kitchen Shop

or phone Hilary 01797 227690

Hover over the prize for details and click on it to expand.

Thank you to all our generous donors.

FAQs – How the “Choose your prize” raffle works

Q. Where can I buy my raffle tickets?
A. From Winchelsea Farm Kitchen, 12 High Street TN36 4EA or phone Hilary on 01797 227690   Tickets cost £1, you can buy as many as you like.

Q.  Can I buy my raffle tickets remotely during lockdown?
A.  Yes, and you can pay by bank transfer too.  Send an email to stating how many you’d like and a phone number for contacting you if you’re a prize winner.  We will send you the bank transfer details.  Then we’ll either drop off the tickets or send you a photo of them and the stubs filled out.

Q. What is the raffle in aid of?
A. 80% of proceeds will go to Winchelsea New Hall and 20% to Rye Food Bank, in memory of Sheila Holland who worked on this fundraising committee for many years.

Q. Who can buy raffle tickets?
A. You have to be over 18 to buy these raffle tickets because some prizes are alcohol.

Q. How are winners chosen?
A. The winning tickets will be drawn by the Mayor of Winchelsea, Rev David Page, on Tuesday 8th December.  The order in which tickets are drawn will be recorded and the first prizewinner will get to choose first, etc etc

Q. How will I know if I’ve won a prize?
A. Winners will be contacted by email and telephone so make sure we have your best contact details.  You will be invited to choose from the list of prizes remaining, so you might like to have an idea of your favourites in advance.

Q. What if I’m out when you call or email?
A. We will leave you a message. Please get back to us as quickly as possible and within 24 hours to tell us which prize you would like. Phone Hilary on 01797 227690. After that you will still get to choose a prize but we will have to let other people take their turn.

Q. What will I win?
A. Winners get to pick their prize from the list of prizes not yet chosen.  First out of the hat gets first pick, and so on.  If it’s convenient, you could let us know in advance which your favourites would be if you are a winner.

Q. How will I get my prize?
A. We will do our best to make suitable arrangements with you.

Thank you for supporting Winchelsea’s Grand Christmas Raffle!  Good luck!!