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Festive Fair


What a fantastic fair. Feedback is so positive, with the wonderful atmosphere mentioned by everyone. A very big thank you to Anita and her incredible team; stall holders, publicity makers and all those who helped on the day to made it a huge success.

We raised £1200.

The money will help with refurbishment of the Winchelsea New Hall.

Fundraising Coffee Morning


and thank you to everyone who made the Coffee Morning a huge success.

We raised £760.

The money will help with refurbishment of the Winchelsea New Hall.

Support our next project


New doors for New Hall

We will soon be replacing the front doors to make them easily accessible for people in wheelchairs, walkers, and walking sticks. Thinking about our users with disabilities means we improve the hall for everyone because the new doors will include draught-proofing and reduce noise pollution – the hall is situated on the A259 and heavy traffic passing by can sometimes disturb the peace of a talk.

The current door has two equal parts and it’s difficult for wheelchair or walker users to negotiate opening two doors. Our Management Committee member Rob Mortimer is an architect and has come up with an innovative solution of replacing the doors which will allow people with less mobility through easily, just by opening one door.


If you would like to support us then please consider some of the many ways you can help maintain and improve this valuable and well-loved community space.

Hire the Hall

Attend events

Become a Supporter

Donate to a project
Our current project is for a new front door. Or take a look at other items in the list below.

Volunteer and offer your expertise.
Contact Carol at:

Organise a fundraising event.
Contact Anita at:

Leave a legacy

Kitchen Ahead

Kitchen Redesign

The kitchen generated plenty of discussion and interest in the consultation process carried out last year, highlighting varied usage and requirements. We have carried out many small changes to make life easier for users, but now we need to consider substantial changes to bring the kitchen up to current health and safety standards; to update its usage requirements; and to replace structures which are worn out. Rob Mortimer is continuing the consultation process with a draft visual of the redesign and an appeal letter has been sent out to local residents. We estimate the cost will be in the region of £7,000.

Summer Fete 2017

Volunteers Needed

We are already planning for the 2017 Summer Fete, in conjunction with the Cricket Club.

Great news, we now have an organising committee. If you can help in any way or want a stall let Carol know. 

Special thanks

There are so many people who have helped fundraise and given their time and expertise generously. Here are just a few:

Felix Lozano – for very kindly producing the website

Over seventy people who participated in our survey

Over 15 people who participated in our consultations

The fundraising team organising the Christmas Fair

The fundraising team organising the Coffee Morning

The Bonfire Boyes for allowing us to provide teas at their Medieval Street Fair

List of Grants

Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm Fund (through the Sussex Community Foundation)

Second Wednesday Society

Icklesham Parish Council

New Hall Society Fund