Winchelsea, East Sussex

Ancient town and member of the Cinque Ports Confederation

The Winchelsea "Coronation Cup"

Winchelsea Coronation Cup Talk - Nov 13th, New Hall

Coronation Cup Talk
The Winchelsea cup commemorates the coronation of James II on 23 April 1685. It was made as an heirloom for the Draper family of Winchelsea, by Cresheld Draper who held an official position during the ceremony as a Baron of the town. It was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum last year as part of their Cinque Ports collection. We are please to announce that Tessa Murdoch, the Deputy Keeper at the V & A, will come to Winchelsea on Saturday the 13th November to give us an illustrated talk on "Coronations and the Barons of Winchelsea" at which the history of such artefacts, the pageantry of coronations and the role of Cinque Ports Barons will be described.

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