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The Winchelsea "Coronation Cup"

Winchelsea Coronation Cup Talk - Nov 13th, New Hall

Coronation Cup

The Winchelsea cup commemorates the coronation of James II on 23 April 1685. It was made as an heirloom for the Draper family of Winchelsea. It was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum at a cost of £160,000 as part of their Cinque Ports collection. The purchase was made possible with an £80,000 grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund. Thier website entry explains:

"This coronation cup is made from the silver that supported and decorated the canopies held over the heads of King James II and his Queen, Mary of Modena, during their coronation ceremony. Traditionally these fittings, along with the ‘cloth of gold’ canopy, were given to the barons who held them in the coronation procession. Two of these barons - Cresheld Draper, Member of Parliament for Winchelsea 1678-1687, who held the King’s canopy, and Gawden Draper, who held the Queen’s - combined their share of the gifted silver and had it reformed into this cup in commemoration of their role in the coronation."

Tessa Murdoch, the Deputy Keeper at the V & A, came to Winchelsea to give us an illustrated talk on "Coronations and the Barons of Winchelsea" at which the history of such artefacts, the pageantry of coronations and the role of Cinque Ports Barons were described."